Providing a range of care and supported housing for people with complex needs.

Floating Support Service

This service has been developed by Radius for people who are 55 and older, who wish to continue living independently in their own homes.

Floating support enables service users to access a range of services they need or would benefit from to help them maintain and enjoy greater independence whilst remaining part of their community:


24/7 Personal Alarm Support

Radius Connect 24

Peace of mind is knowing that someone is always there to help you or a loved one. As a leading provider of technology-enabled care and support service in Ireland, we strive to deliver an exceptional service beyond the expectations of our customers.


Home Adaptations

Our Staying Put service provides free practical support and advice (Government Funded) for disabled and/or elderly people applying for a Northern Ireland Housing Executive Disabled Facilities Grant for a disabled home adaptation. Housing advisors and technical advisors can assist you with your disabled facility grant application and can provide technical advice and support throughout your home adaptations.


Joint Management Partners

Radius works closely with our partners to support tenants in their home.