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Spare Time
Community Chest

Providing small grants from £250 to £1,000 to benefit projects within our Radius communities.

Training, Events & Conferences

Be kept up to date with Radius training, events and conferences that are available. e.g. our Radius Community Awards..

When available
Tenants Association & Groups

Both formal and informal groups who represent their community and interests to make a positive difference.

When available
Estate Walkabouts

Meet with Housing and Asset Officers to discuss issues about your neighbourhood, home or tenancy.

1-2 hours each
Tenant Representatives

Those who represent the area in which they live, should this be in this role as part of their local community.

When required

Bring together tenants from different panels with Management from Housing, Assets and Corporate Services to discuss matters of importance.

4 x year 1-2 hours
Service Improvement Groups

Tenants and staff focus on a specific area, sharing ideas on how we can bring about improvements to deliver ‘world class’ service.

4 x year 1-2 hours
Communications Panel

The panel will ensure that we keep our tenants informed with clarity and purpose, through our website, leaflets, newsletters and other publications

4 x year 1-2 hours
Youth Panel

For young people who live in a Radius property and are passionate about their home and community.

4 x year 1-2 hours
Tenant Executive Committee

The Committee consists of Tenant Representatives from different panels who help influence strategic decisions based on feedback and suggestions throughout the engagement structure meeting with Senior Radius staff.

4 x year 1-2 hours
Radius Committee & Board

Tenant Board Members will be involved in decision making at the highest levels. Attending Radius Committee and Board meetings, as well as Tenant Executive Committee and Area Panels, to ensure your voice is heard.

8 x year 1-2 hours
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You can see the various opportunities for Radius tenants to get involved in shaping the service you receive. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please tick your areas of interest and our Tenant Engagement team will be in touch shortly.