Social Media Policy

Radius Housing Social Media House Rules

We encourage you to comment and engage and we respect everyone’s right to express their thoughts and opinions. However, to help ensure our media platforms are enjoyed by all, we have some simple house rules to remember when visiting and engaging on our platforms:

Be Courteous
We want everyone to feel welcome so please think before you post.

Show Respect
Not everyone has the same views, so please be accepting of other people’s comments as another point-of-view.

Zero Abuse!
Nobody should feel offended by comments when they visit our social media platforms, so we ask that you don’t swear or use language which may be inappropriate or could offend others.

We reserve the right to remove any posts and block offenders which are deemed unsuitable.

This includes, but is not limited* to:

  • Abusive, threatening, offensive or violent language.
  • Discriminatory comments regarding race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or political beliefs.
  • Posts which contain sexually explicit content.
  • Anything in violation of copyright or intellectual property rights.
  • Spam or links containing viruses.
  • Unrelated or irrelevant posts.

We want you to feel like you can approach us on all our social media platforms, and we are always happy to help if you reach out to us with an enquiry or complaint**.

However, if you choose to violate our House Rules in favour of spamming our platforms with inappropriate messages, access to our platforms may be withdrawn and where unlawful comments are made, we reserve the right to take appropriate legal action in such cases.

Social Media Policy

*As responsible custodians of our social media output, we subscribe to and adopt the various and individual terms and conditions set out by each individual platform with which we engage. As such it is your responsibility to read, agree and adhere to those T&C’s as part of your engagement on those platforms. We adopt a zero tolerance to any such breach.

**Whilst we acknowledge and respond to enquiries and complaints on our social media channels, we also advise that this is not the correct or most efficient channel to do this. We have other well signposted channels through our website or call centres by which this can be facilitated, recorded and actioned in-line with our processes.