Personal Independence Payments

Personal independence payments (PIPs) has replaced Disability living allowance for working age people (16-64) and is now not a means tested benefit and therefore the claimant’s income or savings are not taken into account. If you are working you can still apply. 

The only remaining DLA awards will be those for under 16s (child DLA) and anyone aged 65 or over. 

Anyone currently claiming DLA will be at some point in the coming two years receive a letter advising their claim will be coming to an end and invite them to claim the new PIPs benefit.

What is the difference between PIP’s and DLA?

The key change is that PIPs will introduce a new assessment process which looks at the impact the condition has on a person’s everyday life, rather than the condition itself, with two components; Daily living and Mobility.

When being assessed for these components a claimant will be given a score which will determine if they qualify and for each component, the claimant must score at least 8 points to qualify. This will give the claimant the standard rates & 12 points or above entitle them to the enhanced rates. The new rates are shown below:

Disability Living Allowance RatesPersonal Independence Payments Rates
High Mobility Rate £57.75Enhanced Rate Mobility £57.75
Low Rate Mobility £21.80Standard Rate Mobility £21.80
High Rate Care £82.30Enhanced Rate Care £82.30
Middle Rate Care £55.10Standard Rate Care £21.80
Low Rate Care £21.80No longer available under PIPs

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